About UG

Ultimate Gamer revolutionizes eSports with premier global events and content to crown ONE PLAYER TO RULE THEM ALL. Ultimate Gamer gives players of all walks of life a path to greatness, coupled with breathtaking experiences and opportunities for stardom and fandom.



About UG-coaching

Why we do it.

We love gaming. Our team grew up with video games from Atari™, Nintendo™, and Sega™. We rolled the dice while fighting orcs with our RPG group. We break out the controllers to see who does the dishes.

We’re creating a place where gamers and fans go to celebrate the art and craft of gaming. We’re experiencing a huge boom in our space. While that’s really cool, we need to make sure that we keep our eyes on what’s important – the fun, the community, the challenge, the adrenaline. We want to feel the energy when you make that impossible move. We want to show everyone just how amazing the world of gaming is, and create new gamers in the process.

We promise to:

  • Empower all gamers, regardless of their skill level, game choice, social group, or preferences. Everyone is welcome here!
  • Create a community that focuses on positivity, whether being a good sportsperson, cheering on your favorite players, or chatting in the platform. No room for haters or trolls here.
  • Expand your knowledge and skills. We want to help you get better. Whether you play, watch, or both – get tools and resources to level up. How do you make that legendary move? How can you understand the games better? 
  • Put the focus on you. What do you need? A place to practice your game? A platform to watch and cheer on your favorite players? A coaching plan to get to the pros? We’re here to help.
  • Create truly extraordinary experiences. Whether online or in person, we want your mind TO BE BLOWN. You’ll remember moments of our tournaments with your friends and groups for the rest of your life. Come along for the ride. You’ll never regret it.

Our Team

Steve “Rooftop Bandit”

Our Fearless Leader

Favorite Game: PAC-MAN
Current Obsession: My Oculus Quest

Junior “Jr”

Mission Operations

Favorite Game: Tetris
Current Obsession: Awaiting 2077...

Maggie “Thistlyn”


Favorite Game: D&D 3.5
Current Obsession: Beat Saber VR